Configurable vs Bespoke:

Our "bespoke" is "configurable".  Here's why...

Bespoke = long design process + tooling costs + new production processes + high price + long lead times

Configurable = create something unique in minutes + no tooling costs + standard production processes + lower price + short lead times.

With over 5 million ways of configuration, you can create lighting completely unique and individual without all the draw backs of bespoke.


Here are some examples of how configuration could work for you... 

"we're updating AN hotel interior but only want to replace the shades"

Updating a hotel or restaurant interior?  The most cost effective and impactful way to do this is to update the lamp shades and keep the existing fittings.  

Thankfully you don't have to purchase pendant fittings, wall mounts, table or floor bases with our lamp shades. Just configure the shades that suit the fittings you are working with. With our endless fabric and material options - not to mention shapes and silhouettes - your hotel can finally have that WOW factor you've always desired.  Leaving a great visual memory with your guests.

"I need to specify a feature light for a large atrium"

If oversize feature lighting is what you need then our process of configuration allows you to work with huge shapes and sizes to be in proportion with large spaces.

You can configure a shade in a few easy minutes.  No need to have a huge budget or put up with long lead times.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.10.00.png

"All the lampshades i see are boring"

We get this a lot.  So many people come to us because they're tired of having only a few different sizes of black or cream lamp shades available from the high street.

Feature Lighting lampshades are professionally made to the highest production quality standards.

You can be way out wacky or elegantly refined.  Literally whatever taste you have, we have a configuration just for you!


Our manufacturing processes and quality systems go beyond those of other lamp shade manufacturers.  All our shades are made solely by us to ensure we only supply the highest possible quality product.  

All our lamp shades have hand finished edges, sleek seams and are sympathetic to any material patterns. Don't just take our word for it, here's what some of our past clients had to say:

"I'm so pleased I've found Feature Lighting.  Finally I can have lamp shades that suit my home interior and aren't just black or cream.  Their service is superb and everything I've bought from them is gorgeously made" - Julie Calvert, Lancashire

"I'm thrilled to bits with my Feature Lighting lamp shade, it's perfect!  Thank you!  Just need to build my room around it now! - Jennifer Pike, Manchester

"As a professional interior designer, Feature Lighting's configurable lamp shades are invaluable for me to work with.  Never before have I truly had the potential of creating decorative lighting that suits my designs and my clients." - Florence, Interior Designer, Henley-on-Thames