Our cute and crazy canine pals configured some lamp shades of their own... 

There are no cones of shame here!


As our little madame Lhasa Apso, Daisy thought she'd quite suit a bright pink shade with designer stripes interior.  

A colourful shade to suit Daisy's very colourful personality.  


Sky the Long Haired Retriever configured a Scandinavian design classic lampshade in Marimekko Unikko Fabric.  She usually prefers to sit in it though, as you can see.


Our little Dachshund chum Stanley always cuts a dash.  He configured a herringbone tweed shade.  He's always quite fancied a flat cap.


A traditional soul, Buster is our pensioner Basset Hound.  He configured a brown and copper lamp shade to match his own lovely colours.


Our most energetic canine, Blu the Weimaraner configured a marbled blue interior on his shade to create his own namesake. Calm stylish grey wool on the outside + completely nuts on the inside!