We support the many layers of the design industry from our head office in Lancashire and with our friendly and knowledgable team.  

Take a look below at the various types of client we support & work with to help create the ultimate decorative lighting for their projects.

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Scandinavian classic Marimekko Unikko.  Oversize lampshades in this famous designer fabric to compliment curtain, cushion and soft furnishings.

Interior Designers

Interior Design covers a huge variety of projects and clients.  

At Feature Lighting, we work with both large interior design practises and small independent designers.

Our configurable lamp shades allow interior designers to create the perfect lighting for any project, whether it be traditional, contemporary or modern. 

Using our material swatches for mood boards and the chance to create a unique product that absolutely suits your project - Feature Lighting is definitely the most fun, creative and valuable way of including lighting within an interior design.

Huge lampshades to create an on brand feature and provide general lighting to this car showroom.

Huge lampshades to create an on brand feature and provide general lighting to this car showroom.

Lighting Designers

Lighting Design runs deeper in our DNA than any other lamp shade manufacturer.

Our history is working with Lighting Designers to help create excellence via the medium of light.

Talking to Lighting Design clients about how light works with different swatch materials and how various lamp shade interior laminations and our selection of energy efficient light sources alter the light output and colour temperature is a daily occurrence for the Feature Lighting team.


Working with architectural drawings, configure your lighting to compliment the objectives of the intended building design.


When the proportion of light fittings within a space needs to be exact and sympathetic to the overall design, architects work with us when 'off the shelf' lighting simply isn't good enough. 

Bringing 3D renders and designs to reality is a key part of our work, supporting architectural practises lighting specifications.  

Feature Lighting supplied this Italian Restaurant chain with an array of lighting products and technology to create ambient layers of light that can be controlled to suit different dining times of day at the touch of a button.

Restaurant and Cafe Bar

Over the years we have supplied many restaurants with their lighting fixtures.  From indie cafes and family run Restaurants, to Restaurant & Pub Chains & high street names including Nandos & KFC to name just a few.

If you're involved in a cafe bar or restaurant, we'd love to help configure lampshades that create your desired mood and look.  Set your establishment apart from the competition. 

We are ready and waiting to put stylish lampshades on all those bare filament bulbs.  A Feature Lighting shade can put you shades above the competition.

We've done some funky stuff recently for a group of Hostels (think affordable trendy place to stay rather than youth hostel!) Super Stylish eh?

Hotel & Residential Accommodation

From the front of house foyer, via long corridors, to beside tables, lamp shades are a key part of any hotel interior.

Our easy system of configurable lamp shades, with over 5 million ways of building a product mean that whatever style or size of hotel, we can help you impress your guests and create a memorable experience. 

 In an industry where it pays to be different and stand ahead of the crowd in your decor; this is where our unique configurable lampshades really come into their own.  Limited only by your design flair & imagination. 


Create the right impression for your company office reception.  This drum pendant lamp shade in on brand corporate colour compliments the contract foyer seating.

Office & Commercial Fit Out

Companies working with commercial brand interiors, love working with our configurable lamp shades to build a product that reflects the brand identity they are working with. 

Often having huge, high ceiling reception areas - the oversize options we offer at Feature Lighting are the ideal way to create a visually memorable space.

We manufacture lampshades in office type contract materials, from Camira & Kvadrat, which means you can perfectly blend the seating, upholstery & acoustic panels with the lighting.    Feature Lighting can supply you the absolute best solution for your fit out, be that a one off office re-design, or a multi-location roll out. 

We have worked on projects with Manchester Airport and KPMG to name just a few.  

Enhance the customer experience and leave a lasting visual memory by using lighting that reflects the brand guidelines of any retail client. 


When time is of the essence and uniqueness is key, our configurable lamp shades are the perfect solution for the shoplift industry. 

With over 100,000 lamp shade frames in stock Feature Lighting has shorter lead times than any other lamp shade manufacturer.

Whatever site and brand you're working on, having over 5 million easy ways of configuring the lighting on the project is a great way of adding value by reflecting the brand design and season.

Don't forget, because all our products are made in house by us and are configurable, not bespoke, we can work within budget too!

Read why configurable always beats bespoke here

Blue sky thinking in visual merchandising; this large format lampshade was part of a series featuring inspirational phrases and imagery.  Produced using digital print technology.

Visual merchandising & Brand Identity

If visual merchandising is part of your job description then you will be well aware the impact that attention to detail has on your brand and your sales. Visual impact, attention grabbing, in your face WOW as well as subtle finishing touches.

Lighting often stays fixed, but we can help you create interchangeable shades that match your seasonal offerings, your instore merchandising, window displays, advertising & photography.

Create the right mood and atmosphere with unique material combinations for show home lighting

Showhome & Property Developers

When it comes to presenting a new home and the potential lifestyle it offers, then high standards of fixtures and fittings are key and we'd argue that lighting is of premier importance.

Off the shelf light fittings with bland cream or black lamp shades from the high street will never present a show home interior to its best. With our configurable lampshades you can create the wow factor that will leave a lasting impression on your viewers. You are after all trying to create the home of their dreams & the right lighting is key. We can coordinate materials with soft furnishing & curtains ( we even work with some great curtain makers & upholsterers if you need a hand with that element too )

If your exclusive show home is a city penthouse requiring slick modern lighting or an equestrian estate needing a more classic look, you're just a few easy steps away from the your perfect lamp shade configuration that will maximise the impact you want to make on potential buyers. 

Contact us here at Feature Lighting for more information and ask for a copy of our lampshade specification pack.



Over size lampshades for exhibition.  Bold pattern on these pendants had a great impact with event visitors and provided general lighting to the entrance area. 

Exhibition Design Lighting

With a large market offering both creative modular exhibition stands and fully bespoke designs, it's difficult for any company to set itself aside from the competition in an exhibition hall.

We have experience working on lighting commissions to create some of the primary feature's for exhibition stands.  Our oversize lamp shades in bold statement materials can help any brand be the beacon above the rest during an exhibition event.

We can brand your lampshades, with text, logos or just coordinate with your corporate colours - the space above your stand is often overlooked as unusable BUT it can help draw attention from further away and even above. So to make the most of your even,  contact us to discuss requirements. 

These copper drum shades bring an element of industrial chic to this room.  Specified and installed by the electrical contractor when the client wanted something more than the high street could offer and paired with an energy efficient LED light source to provide upward illumination onto the beamed ceiling feature.  

These copper drum shades bring an element of industrial chic to this room.  Specified and installed by the electrical contractor when the client wanted something more than the high street could offer and paired with an energy efficient LED light source to provide upward illumination onto the beamed ceiling feature.  

Electrical Contractors

For Design + Build clients, our configurable process is the best way of adding value to projects and maintaining a specification that is secure.  

Once a lamp shade is configured, no-one else can offer anything quite like it.


One of our Electrical Wholesale Customers Showroom - their Feature Lighting display has a variety of lamp shade options & generates great sales, they even hold stock now they know what sells for them!

Electrical Wholesalers

Feature Lighting is on display at several Electrical Wholesalers who also have lighting showrooms for both public and trade customers. 

Why offer the same as every other lighting showroom in the land?  Configure lighting unique and exclusive to your store, based on what you know of your client base to create profitable and secure sales.